Ditch the Cliches with Taryn Davis

May 8, 11:30am - 1:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Have you noticed ruts in your thinking? Do you wake up in the morning running around the same mental blocks everyday? Especially now, is it sometimes hard to reroute your mind to see opportunity instead of disaster? Cliches are everywhere, and if we can address them in our thinking, we can address them in our relationships, our creativity, and our work. Left alone, cliches are limiting - but when you understand them, you can leverage them when you want to and come up with something new when you need to.

In this FieldTrip, we will learn how to:
- Identify common cliches
- Understand the impact they have on our lives/work
- Decide whether we want to leverage the cliche or get rid of it

You will leave empowered to move forward in whatever endeavor you have in front of you - whether that is a creative, professional, or personal pursuit. You’ll see new opportunities presented to you and be positioned to seize them with alacrity and dispatch!

About your Host
Taryn Davis works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to address cultural issues from the ground up - starting with systems and processes. She is passionate about making work workable for everyone involved. Find out more at www.tbd-strategies.com!