Develop your intuition + guided meditation with Sara Shirley

About this FieldTrip

Each of us is born with the gift of intuition.

Sometimes, we just need to learn to flex that muscle, to get out of our heads and listen instead to our inner voice.

Learning to develop and tune into your intuition (this ability that’s ALREADY inside of you) will help you in so many ways in your life: to better understand situations, to know what’s best for you, to live with more ease and grace, and so so much more.

In this session, I will teach you about the 4 main types of intuitive abilities and teach you some techniques to help protect your energy field as well.

You’ll be guided through a meditation, which will help open your third eye (your intuitive centre) even more and give you the chance to receive messages that are appropriate for you right now in your journey.

If you consider yourself sensitive and want to help others through the work you do, this session could be really eye-opening for you

About your Host
I’m an intuitive empath, spiritual healer and am deeply connected to Mother Earth. I feel like I was born to channel this healing energy for others and to help them live their best, most authentic life.

I’m a Reiki Master and spiritual teacher, and use my intuitive abilities to help my clients create transformation in their lives by offering an online program for women to step more into their spiritual abilities, rock their divine purpose and be of Service in the world. We focus on clearing away blockages and stepping more into their power so they can share their unique gifts with the world. To find out more, visit