We are all pioneers.

Déborah talks about design thinking and design living actually make us all pioneers today.

About the speaker

Déborah is a senior packaging innovation scientist at Mars, the candy bar company. A pioneer at creative problem solving, Déborah has helped Mars solve innovation, quality and efficiency challenges using creative problem solving techniques. Through her stories, both personal and professional, Déborah will inspire you to feel empowered to become the pioneer of your own life.

Deborah Madelaine is currently working for a large FMCG (Fast Moving Goods Company) as a senior packaging innovation scientist based in Dubai.

Within her 10+ years of career, she has worked in France, Germany, the United States of America, the Netherlands and now the United Arab Emirates where she has spread her passion for deliberate creative thinking in the form of workshops to help her organization solve innovation, quality and efficiency challenges.

She discovered what she likes to call her “creative confidence” in 2007 at CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute). She went back to CPSI in 2014, and helped to facilitate several workshops there in 2015 and 2017.

CPSI is an annual conference organized by the Creative Education Foundation. It focuses on deliberate creativity, innovation and change leadership.

In her spare time, she populates her journaling blog magicdeb.com and she entertains the 2 cats that own her.

She is currently working on sharing the Creative Problem Solving process through workshops with the help of her newly released book “You Got This”.

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