Dave Meslin

December 14, 8:30am - 10:00am EST.

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This month, we welcome Dave Meslin, a Toronto-based artist and organizer, with a focus on public space issues, cycling infrastructure, & voting reform.

Dave Meslin is a Toronto-based artist and organiser, with a focus on public space issues, cycling infrastructure, voting reform, transpartisan advocacy and democratic renewal.

Due to his fear of commitment, Dave has skipped around from project to project. He organized Reclaim the Streets (’98-’00), coordinated Toronto’s Car Free Day programming (’00, ’01), founded the Toronto Public Space Committee (2001), co-founded Spacing Magazine (’03), created the WhoRunsThisTownproject (’06), produced City Idol (’06), founded the Toronto Cyclists Union(’08), started Dandyhorse Magazine (’08) launched Better Ballots (’08), organized WindFest (’10) created the Ranked Ballot Initiative (’11) and recently curated the Fourth Wall exhibit about transforming local politics in Toronto.

In November 2010, Coach House books published Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto co-edited by Dave, Alana Wilcox and Christina Palassio. Swipe Books will have it for sale at the event, and Dave will be available afterwards to sign your copy!

Multi-partisan, fiercely optimistic and delusionally utopian, Dave embraces ideas and projects that cut across traditional boundaries between grassroots politics, electoral politics and the arts community. In his work, he attempts to weave elements of these communities together.