Much of identity has been a response to the construct of race and ethnicity

Identities are complex. Daniel breaks down identity, identity politics, and the importance of data, specifically census data, to help create justice for a more peaceful world. “Let’s shape the story of our community by the numbers.“

About the speaker

Daniel Ortiz is the outreach director for Policy Matters Ohio. A native of Lorain, Ohio and graduate of Oberlin College, Ortiz joined Policy Matters in 2016 and brings 15 years’ experience in organizing, campaign strategy and education. Before his work with Policy Matters Daniel worked at the local, state and national level leading campaigns and managing key partnerships across the Midwest and the South. Since returning to Ohio, Daniel has been an advocate for voting rights, a complete count in the 2020 Census, policies that increase equity and help vulnerable communities. He draws from experience as a teacher and work as a campaign professional to develop programs that connect Policy Matters research with the community.

Daniel is a member of the Hispanic Roundtable and previously served on the boards of the Young Latino Network and Hispanic Alliance

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I believe that we can shift from just our personal point of view to something more informed by collective empathy, that we can move from a century focused on our self toward a vision for a shared future, and in doing so, I hope that we have an honest dialogue on where we go next and how we get there together. — Daniel Ortiz

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