Dan Mikkin shares his professional secrets about serendipity in service design

The discipline of design tells us about business cases. The designer is a professional, who stands between business and user, taking the product or service and interpreting it for the user. Dan suggests to turn these things around, look at stuff with the user’s eyes, walk through the user’s experience and find serendipity in it.

About the speaker

This is our premiere morning lecture in Tallinn. May’s theme is all about Serendipity - finding something good without looking for it. We will be talking about the unforeseen and joyful accidents, which happen in the process of service design creation.

Dan is a brand and service designer, one of the founders of the Brand Manual. The service design company is based in Tallinn and Stockholm.

He regards design as a problem-solving issue, not merely an aesthetic exercise. “Serendipity is a great thing, but it never just happens. When you learn both the service provider’s and the user’s point of view, then things really click together. Good stuff happens to the prepared! ” - says Dan.

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