Cynthia Satrya & Dian Hasan

February 23, 8:00am - 11:00am WIB. Hosted at Impact Hub Jakarta

part of a series on Curiosity

About the speaker

Cynthia Satrya-Hasan got so many hats on her head: she is a Mom, Social Worker, Motivator, Business Mentor, Life Coach, and Travel Enthusiast. Her heart and passion are always drawn to understanding human potential. She believes the right nurturing and guidance enables anyone to become the best version of themselves.

Having lived outside Indonesia for an extended period, in the US, Europe, and Singapore, she is indeed a global citizen.

Dian Hasan is a brand strategist, an avid traveler and architecture enthusiast, and an active blogger and contributor on Innovation & Branding, Social Responsibility, Ecotourism & Culture. He co-founded Coworkinc with his spouse Cynthia Satrya in 2015, as a coworking and event space for independent workers.

In 2017, Coworkinc became an official home of Impact Hub Jakarta. Impact Hub Jakarta works closely with communities of startups, social entrepreneurs and creatives, where they can work, share, and find resources and information, seek mentorship, and collaborate.

We’re totally curious to hear from them on how to appreciating life, embracing diversity, and sparking CURIOSITY within their personal & professional encounters.

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