Creatives on Linkedin - Eat, Connect, Amplify + Learn

February 8, 8:30am - 10:00am EST. Hosted at LinkedIn (Empire State Building)

About this FieldTrip

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LinkedIn?

Is it stuffy blue suits, polished resumes and linear career paths?

Although LinkedIn can be all of those things, it’s not only those things. Especially for the creative community.

As creatives, we know that we should use LinkedIn, but we don’t feel like it’s a space to thrive or really showcase our best work. We’re always looking for the next big opportunity, connection or client. I hope to bridge the gap and help other creatives find the value in doing more than updating their profile when they start a new job. This FieldTrip will break down the basics of amplifying your brand and allow organic real life connections to happen over a yummy breakfast.

-Welcome + Intro
-Quick tips and tricks to amplify your brand using LI over a delicious breakfast
-Collaboration + networking: create videos, take photos and make connections using the tips you just learned.
-Walk away with a full belly and a LinkedIn swag bag!

All guests should bring an ID and come about 10 mins early to check in with the reception.

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