✨Owning Your Digital Footprint: An Exploration of Content Ownership and Digital Privacy in 2020 with Paul Jarvis

Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

2020 has brought all of us on quite a ride, and content creators, small business owners, and makers have all had to shift our practices and orientation without much of a guide book. Join us for a conversation about how to take back ownership of your digital and content footprints with designer, podcaster, and author Paul Jarvis. We’ll be chatting about what it means to “Own your Content” in a time where it seems, anything can happen. We’ll explore operating as a small business during a global pandemic, the shifting landscape of sharing content on the internet, how to take up healthy digital privacy practices, and much more.

This FieldTrip will include hands on reflective exercises, an interview with Paul and the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and engage with your fellow attendees.

Paul Jarvis is a designer, podcaster and author of the book Company of One (translated in 18+ languages) which explores what happens when we question growth in business. Paul is the cofounder of a simple, privacy-focused website analytics tool, called Fathom and the host of a podcast for Mailchimp called Call Paul, where he talks to small businesses about how they’re dealing with the global pandemic. Paul also writes a weekly newsletter called the Sunday Dispatches where he shares articles about working and living online with 35k subscribers.


This event is part of Own Your Content, a campaign from WordPress.com & CreativeMornings, encouraging creatives to take control of their platform, and the future of their work. Read more.

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