Van Overton Jr.

September 15, 8:30am - 10:00am MDT. Hosted at FreeRange

part of a series on Compassion

About the speaker

Van Overton has been involved with child advocacy for many years. He is currently Executive Director of SpreadLoveABQ (an organization committed to developing creative fundraising solutions for child advocacy groups), Co-Founder of Duke City Dream Lab (an organization that works to make the arts accessible to all children), was on the New Mexico PTA Board of Directors for the last four years, and is an active volunteer in Albuquerque schools. Aside from being Albuquerque’s Volunteer of the Year, Van is a husband and father of two and has made child advocacy his life’s purpose, believing that anyone can make a meaningful impact on a child’s life by simply being available and showing up!

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Compassion is a pause button that reminds us of a fundamental truth: we’re all stumbling and nobody has it figured out. The best part about compassion is that it’s a learned trait—unlike your height or eye color—and the more we practice accepting others the sooner the easier it becomes to accept ourselves. When this is at the forefront of our minds, we give people a chance to show up and be seen. When in doubt, the answer is compassion.

This month’s global exploration of Compassion is presented by Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Helsinki chapter and illustrated by Sami Viljanto.