Creative Coordination: An Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Learning

June 8, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Native Hostel

About this FieldTrip

Movement habits… We can’t learn with them, yet we can’t function without them. Your most basic movement habits are subconscious and they get in your way when you’re trying to do something new. So how do you resolve the contradiction between the usefulness of having automated movement patterns and the need to improve your old skills and learn new ones? Experience the Feldenkrais® approach to wiring and rewiring your brain for learning, refining, adapting, and innovating. Feldenkrais Practitioner, Michelle Drerup, will introduce us to the Feldenkrais Method and guide us through a few movement lessons.

We’ll be meeting upstairs in The Romper Room at Native. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Please bring your curiosity, questions, and a yoga or workout mat to make lying on a hardwood floor a little less hard. If you have more than one yoga mat and are willing to share with other FieldTrippers, we’d be grateful!

Even if lying on the floor is not for you, come! Michelle will also show us how to do these movements while sitting or standing. Or, if you’d prefer to simply observe, you can still experience the benefits.

Please note

The Romper Room at Native is not ADA accessible. If you are interested in attending and have special needs, please email us at

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