Creating Community & Why it Matters

November 1, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Blackboard

About this FieldTrip

Here at CreativeMornings, you know we are all about community! Community defines and shapes our sense of place and helps us recognize where and what we want to belong to. Being a part of a community gives us the opportunity to connect and share experiences through face-to-face or digital interactions. Successful communities (and coffee!) have the power to energize entire groups of people and foster lifelong connections.

Noelle Hoffman, founder of Spare Time and Moment to Make, will share her experiences of creating lasting communities in the workplace. We’ll explore what community means to us and how we can create a sustainable culture of community to bring together the people in our life.

We’ll define what community means to us, explore the existing communities we’re a part of or want to join, share their impacts to us personally and professionally, and identify the next steps in our journey to creating or joining a community that matters to us.

This FieldTrip is a special co-production between CreativeMornings/ATX and AIGA Austin. Learn something new and meet and mingle with your fellow creatives from both communities.

Thank you to Blackboard for opening their doors to make this FieldTrip possible!

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