Couples Thriving Through Crisis

Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

We believe passionately that the world needs more aligned relationships at work and at home. This means we need people who are able to have powerful and clear exchanges that build better connections.

In this workshop we will teach couples who are currently sheltering-in-place, a low drama, high joy technique to transform the way you create a home and life together.

You will experience a step-by-step walkthrough of a proven approach to getting into radical alignment and will leave with a personalized plan for thriving together through this crisis and beyond.

Come with your partner or on your own – you’ll get a recording to lead them through the method later.

About your hosts Alex and Bob are a married couple living in Brooklyn who teach communication skills. Their co-authored book Radical Alignment (Sounds True Publishing) comes out in August of 2020.

Alexandra Jamieson is a success coach for driven womxn who has been featured on Oprah, Martha Stewart, and more. She was Elle’s Inspirational Coach in 2015, and was the co-creator of the Oscar-nominated Super Size Me. 

Bob Gower helps organizations design and build future-ready systems. He is an authority on lean, agile and responsive org design, and has worked with Ford, Spotify, GE and many others.