Councillor Catherine McKenney

April 29, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Art Bank

part of a series on Risk

About the speaker

This month, CreativeMornings Ottawa has partnered with Out in the Capital to deliver a presentation by guest speaker Catherine McKenney - who you may recognize as an Ottawa City Councillor. Something you may not know - however - is that Councillor McKenney is also Ottawa’s first openly LGBTQ woman elected to Ottawa Council. Under this month’s theme of “RISK”, our guest speaker will talk about her political journey, including how she navigated being openly queer in politics and what hurdles she faced in getting to where she is today.

Catherine McKenney was elected to Ottawa City Council on October 27th, 2014. She is the first open LGBTQ woman elected to Ottawa Council. Prior to her election she was the strategic advisor to the Deputy City Manager (Operations) at the City of Ottawa, responsible for services ranging from Fire and Paramedic, Bylaw, Housing, Child Care, and Social Services, to Parks, Recreation, Arts, and Culture, Public Works, Water and Wastewater, Transit and Solid Waste. Catherine also has experience in the voluntary sector as manager of public policy for Volunteer Canada and as regional manager for VoicePrint, which delivers print media in audio format to the visually impaired. Catherine has made her home in Ottawa for the past 30 years and currently lives with her family in the Preston-Somerset area.

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Event Schedule:
8:30 AM - Doors
9:00 AM - Talk begins
9:20 AM - Questions Period
9:30 AM - Networking
10:00 AM - END