Colour Codes gathering

July 10, 8:00am - 9:30am NZST. Hosted at Studio One Toi Tū

About the speaker

Colour Codes is a zine produced by Chin-Ann Teh, a creative explorer in our community. Chin-Ann is a regular attendee of CreativeMornings and early this year she was inspired to start a passion project of her own, with the aim to celebrate colours by building a platform which connects and inspires its community. Chin-Ann has done this beautifully through her pilot issue 00, which was inspired by autumn and its warm natural hues. 

Additional details

CreativeMornings/Auckland and Colour Codes are coming together for a celebration of colour! 

Colour Codes focuses on a chosen colour palette by bringing creatives together to create a variety of artworks to be showcased in the zine.

CreativeMornings and Colour Codes are joining forces to host a gathering, we want you to join us! Chin-Ann will be sharing the process of her passion project, followed by community based discussions and activities.

Come join us on Wednesday 10 July to explore how Chin-Ann celebrates colour and how you can get involved!