Collaborative Songwriting: Write a Song with an Industry Pro

April 5, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Reset at Nightcap

About this FieldTrip

Have you ever written a song? Are you a writer, who has been itching to try out your craft set to music? Not a writer, but love music? Here’s your chance to try something you may never have thought you’d have a chance to do: create music with your fellow morning people! Join us this Friday for a workshop in collaborative songwriting.

This FieldTrip will be led by CMATX’s music guy, Mark Epstein, the founder of Buildsong, a creative workshop/team building company. A talented musician, Mark has toured with many national acts and has composed and produced countless songs.

The best part? Musical ability is not necessary. If you’ve experienced the human condition, you’re qualified. Mark will help you get in touch with your inner songwriter.

Check out what we did at the 2016 CreativeMornings global organizer summit held in Austin.

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