Cindy Gallop speaks about MakeLoveNotPorn, a user-generated video sharing platform that aims to make real world sex and the discussion around it socially acceptable.

Through dating younger men, Cindy Gallop discovered the convergence of today’s total access to hardcore porn online meeting society’s equal total reluctance to talk about sex. The result, she realized, was porn becoming the default sex education.

With the problem staring her in the face, she decided to take action. Cindy set about creating a website that posts the myths of sex, alongside the reality. Launching at the TED conference in 2009, MakeLoveNotPorn was a viral sensation. So moved by the thousands of responses she receives and continues to receive daily, she decided to launch the next level of her initiative: MakeLoveNotPorn, a user-generated video sharing platform that aims to make real world sex and the discussion around it socially acceptable.

About the speaker

Cindy Gallop
Founder & CEO, IfWeRanTheWorld & MakeLoveNotPorn

Cindy Gallop is a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford, whose background is brandbuilding, marketing and advertising - she started up the US office of ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York in 1998 and in 2003 was named Advertising Woman of the Year. She is the founder and CEO of, co-action software launched in beta at TED 2010 and subsequently written up and taught as a Harvard Business School case study; and of, launched at TED 2009. She and cofounders Corey Innis (CTO) and Oonie Chase (User Experience) launched in public beta in early 2013.

She acts as board advisor to a number of tech ventures, sits on the Women At NBCU Digital Advisory Board and consults on brand and business innovation for companies around the world, describing her consultancy approach as ‘I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.’ BusinessInsider last year named her one of 15 Most Important Marketing Strategy Thinkers Today, alongside Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin.

She has a reputation as a highly compelling and inspirational speaker at conferences and events around the world on a variety of topics. Her talks on the future of advertising and marketing have been tweeted as: ‘The most brilliant speech on the future of advertising ever – not the usual buzzword-laden bullshit’; ‘Watching @cindygallop slice and dice the ad industry status quo like a ginsu knife. #purewin’; and ‘There must be a DeLorean parked outside, because Cindy Gallop is from the FUTURE!’ Pardeep Sall introduced her at InfluencerCon NYC as ‘Cindy Gallop is the truth Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise he couldn’t handle.’

She published ‘Make Love Not Porn: Technology’s Hardcore Impact on Human Behavior’ as one of TED’s line of TEDBooks and is currently working on a book about her philosophy of life and business. You can follow her on Twitter @cindygallop.

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Fear of what other people will think is the single most paralyzing dynamic in business and in life. The best moment of my life…was the day I realized that I know longer give a damn what anybody thinks. That’s enormously liberating and freeing, and it’s the only way to live your life and do your business. — Cindy Gallop

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