Don’t hold a bake sale. Build a bakery.

Chris Pennington talks about creating businesses that employ artists, starting a film festival, building a haunted house, founding a mini-golf course, and channeling the creative energy of hundreds of Twin fans.

About the speaker

Have you ever seen a plasma ball? Those electric currents contained in glass and found in every mad scientist’s lab. That’s basically Chris Pennington. An ever-moving, always electrifying, mysterious mastermind with crazy ideas that somehow not only work, but mesmerize and entertain thousands as well.

His crazy ideas have become the Twin Cities’ extremely popular Soap Factory Haunted Basement, Ten Second Film Festival, Community Water Balloon Fight, and Liberty Parade. But it’s his joy of creating and making people happy that led he and his partners to create Can Can Wonderland, the first arts-based public benefit corporation in Minnesota.

Every putt, boozy milkshake, polka dance, ping pong battle, and delicious mini donut devoured, Can Can Wonderland is able to give back and economically support the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community they love.

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