Choose Your Best Ideas with Casey Conway

April 19, 10:00am - 12:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

For people who feel like they have too many good ideas: You may feel stuck, scattered, overwhelmed, or embarrassed to share your ideas because you rarely follow-through; or, if you do follow through, it’s a stressful grind. It’s tempting to linger in the vastness of the untested imagination, to hold onto every idea with the hope that one day you might turn it into something spectacular. But the more ideas you cling to the harder it is to ground yourself to complete any one of them.

On this FieldTrip, you will learn a process for vetting your ideas on an ongoing basis by practicing putting a sample of 10 of your ideas through the wringer. You will identify ideas that are a natural fit for you and that work well together as an ecosystem, increasing your chances of following through. This process isn’t about assessing market fit; it’s about assessing personal fit. Because “just because it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean it’s your project” (Marianne Williamson). An “idea” in the context of this FieldTrip could be for a product or business, an article, an event, an art project, a new skill to develop, a song to record, a band to strike up, a community to build or join, a martial art to master, etc.

What to Bring
- Your laptop to Zoom from (not a mobile device or tablet)
- A typed up list of short titles of 10 of your ideas. These will be going on virtual post-it notes (for your eyes only), so make them short.

Be prepared to
- Sign in to Google to access and edit Google Docs/Sheets/Slides
- Connect with fellow attendees in breakout rooms where you will be sharing what you are learning about yourself with each other.

About your Host
As a trained professional coach and course creator, Casey empowers people with tons of ideas to focus and follow through on ideas that are a natural fit for them. She worked at Apple as an Engineering Project Manager and later for a leading concept mapping software start-up called Plectica, after graduating from Dartmouth College as an Engineering Sciences major. As a lifelong idea machine, she has learned to master her abundance of creativity—from scattered, stuck, and burned-out to purposeful, focused, fulfilled, and more powerful than ever before.