Caveday: Deep work in a distracting world

November 16, 8:45am - 10:00am EST. Hosted at Breather (NYC - 29w17-10)

About this FieldTrip

Participants will engage in deep work. We’ll run a workshop that will be 20 minutes of learning the principles of Deep work, 20 minutes of deep work (participants will ACTUALLY get their work done, not just learn how), and the final 20 minutes will be focused on using these techniques in an office or home environment. They’ll learn how to manage distractions and walk away with a clear understanding of creating a space where deep work is possible. Not to mention they’ll walk away with a sense of accomplishment in actually doing their work in a new way.

As co-founders of Caveday, we’ve researched the scientifically proven best ways for people to be productive. Plus, our own brand of fun makes doing work actually energizing instead of draining. We run a community that gathers 4x/week all over the world.

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