Busy But Good: Perspectives on Achievement

January 28, 6:00pm - 8:00pm CST. Hosted at Center 615

About this FieldTrip

Let’s talk about why we’re so bad at setting goals, why we should be doing it anyway, and how exploring the psychology around how we define success can help us to identify and pursue what really matters.

Some questions we’ll ask, and explore answers to, include: What social stigma do you have about success and goals? How do those function as psychological blocks that hold you back?

What are some other ways you could define success?

How can you achieve a healthy perspective about yourself that will help you create better goals?

Why do some people still like John Mayer?

This will be a 60-minute talk, followed by at least 30 minutes to ask questions of the speaker and mingle with each other. We’ll provide some snacks and beer.

About the speaker

Jason G. Zinser is a behavioral communications enthusiast with a passion for people. A published writer and speaker, he has been shaped by a unique combination of behavioral sciences, public policy, and leadership dynamics.

Jason has spent his career helping companies and individuals alike ask the best questions and achieve better results both personally and professionally, through what he calls the “pursuit of perspective.“