Brooklyn Plant Swap!

August 25, 12:00pm - 2:00pm EDT. Hosted at Industry City (The Gallery space at The Landing)

About this FieldTrip

Call out to all houseplant enthusiasts!

Much like a clothing swap, the plant swap brings people together to swap their, you guessed it, plants! In the spirit of trading, bring a plant (or multiple if you have) to trade for a plant you might have wanted, or maybe have never seen before. The plants can be brought potted or bare-root, but make sure they can be safely transported. Though it does help if you have something to contribute, do not shy away from attending if you don’t have a plant yet — we can help you start or continue growing your indoor plant collection.

Come away from this with a new plant you’re excited to care for, and perhaps some new plant-parent friends to drool over luscious Monsteras with!

Attendees are encouraged to bring one or, even better, several plant cuttings, rootings, or small potted plants.

This event is inspired by Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn

I’m a product designer but in my heart and soul an environmentalist with a passion for plants. I’ve slowly but surely started to craft an indoor jungle, and I feel that the positive physical and psychological impacts that plants bring is oft-overlooked. In finding these positive impacts, I’ve also found a desire to share the joy of owning plants with anyone interested, hence, the plant swap!

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