Brogan talks about the importance of moments and showing up.

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Brogan Graham is a Wisconsin native who has lived 1000 lifetimes in Downtown Boston and has been in San Diego for just over two years. As the Co-Founder of November Project, “BG” travels every other week throughout the year to connect with leaders, continue building new communities, and speak on the value of real human interaction.

This dude has been an athlete, hugger, and truth teller his entire life. But it isn’t the workouts that I have made the November Project Movement successful. From simply two dudes training for one month (November 2011) in snowy Boston, to 33 massive tribes all over the world, it is the magic of bringing different kinds of people into the same place to share a unique experience that keeps new members hooked.

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    Awesome presentation by BG!!!! Brogan is the epitome of positive, healthy, fun and funny energy. I remember walking to a cafe early in the morning in Milwaukee a few months ago, and I was approached by a glowing runner with a NP shirt on....She ran up to me, hugged me and her smile and energy was seriously angelic-like. It was a very special moment, and I think about it often. This movement of love and healthy energy is what the entire planet needs right now! Thanks so much November Project!

    Brill Talk • March 2, 2017