Breaking into the Tech Industry (yes, during COVID-19) with Tips from Lida Tohidi

May 26, 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

We will discuss how to break into the tech industry, even in the current challenging circumstances, whether you have worked for the public / private sector in the past.

Lida will share how using your mindset and experience will help you succeed in your career in tech, especially nowadays. The first step toward finding your ideal job in the tech field is figuring out the roles for which you are qualified. Lida will also share why research is crucial when deciding where to apply, and the importance of building relationships with fellow tech professionals and mentors. She will give you practical tips that you can implement right away. The advice shared is geographic-independent, and will help you in the SF Bay area, in the US, and beyond.

Key Takeaways:
- Learn more about the job timeline in tech
- Navigate the ambiguity of current time with a clear path
- Implement pragmatic career tips that have been tested the world over

Who Should Attend?
This event is targeted for people who would like to break into, or advance their career in, tech.

Why Now?
Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, and even with COVID, there is a projected 5% growth on $4 trillion in revenue this year alone. There are many opportunities to break into the tech world, even if you have no background in technology or specialized degree.

Feel free to email me with questions and/or comments. Looking forward to it!

About your Host
Lida has over a dozen years of experience in digital marketing, program management, and strategic planning. She has successfully helped people break into, and thrive, in the tech industry. Folks she has coached have started jobs at companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Gartner, Google, Internet Brands, Loot Crate, and Silicon Valley Bank soon after.

Initiatives and teams that Lida has led include: launching a national incubator, advising startups that have raised over US $500 million, and winning international competitions, such as the Google Startup Battle award out of 1000+ teams and national awards such as JustChange.

Lida is very passionate about mindfulness and diversity and inclusion in technology companies and beyond. Last year alone, Lida spoke at 25 tech conferences and events ranging from Anaplan, Capital One, Droidcon, Google, LinkedIn, Make School, Mavenlink, Microsoft, Mobify, Outco, Tencent, ThoughtWorks, Twitch, Wells Fargo, WeWork, Women in STEM, to WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech).

She has also spoken at and mentored at, several events organized by ACT-W, Anita Borg, Cleantech Open, Connections Silicon Valley, Diversability, General Assembly, Hive, Latinos in Tech, NetSquared, NextPlay, Startup Grind, Tech Jobs Tour, The Expat Woman, Women4Good, and Young Women in Business (YWiB).

Lida has had experience in initiating, leading, and completing projects in Australia, Bénin, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Peru, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK, and the USA. In short, she has lived and worked on all continents (though still awaiting an invitation from Antarctica :D), and speaks 3 languages well (while working on another 3).