Brandon Hill and Peter Chang of No Kings Collective on the importance of collaboration

About the speaker

We are Brandon Hill and Peter Chang.

We’re made to create.

Hustling since 2009, we have worked with a family of hand-picked artists, designers and brands that share our vision.

We run a design-build studio, creative agency and events production company, all rolled into one. We’re versatile. Kind of like a burrito.

First and foremost, we are problem-solvers.

We help our collaborators deliver a get-it-done, no bullshit, DIY, art-centric, design-savvy, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, adaptable, niche, custom, force-multiplying, over-the-top authentic experience. (Hey, you try explaining you in one sentence.)

We fit in where you need help. Soup to nuts. Or just nuts.

DC is our home. Art is our world. Hustle is our method.

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