Brad Montague reads us a “wake up story” and inspires us as we move forward in the messy middle.

We did things a little differently in March, as CreativeMornings Nashville hosted its first virtual event to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Brad Montague, creator of Kid President and Socktober, reads us a “wake up story”: The Incredible Flying Girl, a story about keeping youthful optimism in the face of grown-up cynicism. He encourages us to use our fierce hope and creativity to create a beautiful future together - even when it’s challenging. He reminds us that we’re all a vital part of what happens next and leaves us with an important call to action: grow and help others grow, laugh and help others laugh, fly and help others fly.

About the speaker

Brad Montague is a film director and author, best known for being the creator of Kid President, the popular web series that has been viewed tens of millions of times.

He also created “Socktober”, a month-long event (guess which one) designed to activate people to help their neighbors who are homeless. “Socktober” has spread to all 50 of the United States and all of the usual continents.

Brad and his wife, Kristi, are on a mission to create stories that cultivate empathy and imagination in kids and former kids. They strive to joyfully rebel against the way things are and attempt to create the world “as it should be.”

Brad has a new book coming out, called ‘Becoming Better Grownups’. He’d love your help getting this mission, message, and book in the hands of as many people as possible.

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