Bogdan Cotîrță on ‘Silence'

December 13, 7:30am - 10:00am EET.

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December is all about SILENCE. And, more important, how to find it when you have none. What better person to talk about it than a musician, cultural entrepreneur, production manager for the major years-long title the city has received, with a background in law…

Bogdan Cotîrță can be described in many ways, but we can’t say it better than he did: a multitasking and enthusiastic character trapped in a bittersweet personality, bearer of many hats, such as musician in an alternative band (Melting Dice), producer of cultural events at Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture and initiator of multiple community events (Antagon Festival, Muzicon, and many others).

Enjoys burgers, Californication and Nirvana, in any order and dreams of a one-way ticket to New York. When he will grow up, he wants to be a poet, but he could also settle for being one when he grows old. He will never say no to coffee, wine and a good story and most likely will arrive late and leave last in any occasion.

We’re lucky and happy he accepted to wake up this early and join the CreativeMorningsTimișoara community, this time, as a speaker. Do come to discover a world of ideas, sounds and projects and the silence that sometimes makes things happen.

This month we will meet in DevPlant Cowork! We thank them warmly for hosting us <3 DevPlant Cowork (as its name says) is a coworking-space, built for people who are in need of a productive environment.

The purpose all along was to bring like-minded people together. Like many things we strive for in life, it sounds like a cheap cliché. It’s just easier to come for e visit and see it yourself than for us to prove something you won’t easily believe from the internet anyway.

Tickets will open December 9th!

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