Biophilia with Jayden Tan

Hosted at Virtual Event on Zoom

part of a series on Biophilia

About the speaker

Jayden is a multi-disciplinary creative hybrid with a love affair with photography. He is best known for creating quirky locally-inspired visuals that went on to become overnight sensations. His relentless pursuit of experimenting creatively on his passion projects has led him to turn photography into a side hustle, and eventually a business of his own. Throughout his career, he goes back and forth between being an art director and a photographer, and eventually founded his creative production house, HeadQuartors, in 2019.

HeadQuartors’ studio office has since become a playground where he expresses his love for nature, and it is also where he got serious into being a plant parent. He spends his free time inbetween the daily hustle to tend to his plant babies, and often finds solace appreciating the little man-made jungle.

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