Aino Hanttu giving some insights on VR

Remember Star Trek’s holodeck and how you thought it was the most futuristic thing you had ever seen? We are entering an era where technology is providing us with new ways of experiencing products and services. An era where the lines between the physical and digital are becoming blurred. How can design and digital technology make those experiences more meaningful and immersive?

The current generation of experiences has already taken a leap towards digital and physical immersion with connected devices and multi-channel experiences. There has, however, been a clear separation between the “digital” and the “physical”. At Disney World, the wristbands provide a more seamless experience at the actual resort, but the customers still need to fill in a fair amount of information for the service to work up to its full potential. And the magic fades as soon as you leave the resort.

The next generation of experiences will blur the lines between digital and physical. Digital technology and the physical environment will begin to merge even more, creating new ways of using products and services as well as a new way of experiencing things. Designers and developers have found a way to work together seamlessly. This results in having a deeper understanding of user needs and technical opportunities to create meaningful products and services to improve people’s daily life.

In 2016 and beyond, destination is no longer a place, but rather a new way of seeing. This is the year of next generation experiences.

About the speaker

Aino is a Service Design Lead at Futurice. She has designed and developed end-to-end products and services for a variety of industries in Spain, UK, US and Finland. Currently, Aino drives the creation of stellar user experiences and world-class service design in client work at Futurice London. Aino thrives for complex service design projects and is passionate about digital transformation of businesses.

As a designer Aino is passionate about using service design to create immersive experiences by integrating the online and the offline services, as well as changing the way organisations work. She believes that a designer has to understand the overall big picture as well as manage and design the most detailed pixels. Aino gets her inspiration from traveling and experiencing different cultures. Prior to Futurice, Aino was the UX Lead for San Francisco based healthcare start up BetterDoctor, and she is an alumna of Fjord.

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