Bercy-Chen House Talk & Tour

Hosted at Bercy-Chen House

About this FieldTrip

Here at this new construction project by award-winning architects Bercy Chen Studio, architecture broker Brian Linder will facilitate a discussion among project participants to illustrate how good design adds value in the context of the real estate market. Developer Ben Myers will talk about the speculative project from his perspective as a real estate investor, and his decision to commission a world-class design/build team to create a unique work of architectural art. The architects will speak about their vision for the site, their interest in vernacular precedents, and how their adherence to contemporary contextual principles has propelled their work to international acclaim. Interior designer Linda Klugman will explain the delicate art of staging an empty home for sale while simultaneously respecting the architectural design. Brian Linder will discuss the process of marketing a unique work of architecture for sale, and the steps which must be taken by the broker to ensure that the real estate market responds with a premium price for the home compared to other less distinctive properties in the area. Check out a blog post with a conversation with Bercy Chen project manager Dan Loe about the San Juan houses.

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