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Elevated Element is the Aerial Photography project of husband and wife team Terry & Belinda Kilby. Merging Terry’s expertise in remote-control toys, err we mean - technology and Belinda’s background in fine arts, they’ve created a truly dynamic company. Using the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s) technology, they are able to put cameras in places that have not been possible till now. The ability to position a camera anywhere from 4 to 400 feet off of the ground remotely allows Terry & Belinda to capture 100% original shots that have never been captured before, EVER.

Ancient Japanese artists used to paint their masterpieces from a birds eye perspective, a low earth aerial view. This technique has one major disadvantage for the artist, they have to visualize their composition in their head since they can’t actually see their subject from the perspective that they wish to paint. From the first time that Belinda Kilby saw an aerial photo, she knew this was the perfect way to capture some of the incredible energy of early Asian art and infuse it both modern day photography and fine art.

In addition to simply shooting aerial photos for the sake of photography, Elevated Element also uses it as a way to capture scenes to be used in fine art, traditional oil on canvas. Once a photo is captured, color enhancements and minor edits are made on the computer. From there, that image is used as source for hand oil on canvas paintings. The outcome is simply breathtaking with a combination of new and old. The tradition of classic art, oil on canvas, mixed with the modern technology of AP drones and image manipulation produced something completely original.

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