Barbora Kurcova – Wonder your way to creativity

June 21, 7:30am - 9:00am CEST.

About the speaker

Have you ever wondered why some people are creative and some feel they are not? How can you be a bit more strategic about your creativity and create better? And how can you use a sense of wonder to go broader and deeper in whatever field you are working in and actually make a difference?

Barbora Kurcova is a 33 year old creator, born Czech, living in Oslo, Norway. Home furnishing specialist by day, creative photographer and mentor by night. As a multi-passionate person, she has experience from different areas as retail, interior design, journalism and sociology, combining all her skills into one social media presence - @herinternest - inspiring and encouraging people to live authentic, conscious, creative life.

In this CreativeMornings talk, she will share her personal story of self-discovery through creativity and how the sense of wonder can lead you to extraordinary results and, most importantly, connections.

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Additional details

We are excited to have Barbora Kurcova to speak at our June event about Wonder! Doors Open at 7:30, Warm-up starts promptly at 8:00.

Details of this month’s event:
Speaker: Barbora Kurcova Warm-up: Meditation by The Room
Venue: Making Waves
Breakfast: Sponsored by Making Waves