Back to your Roots

January 31, 8:00am - 9:00am CET. Hosted at Danscentrum Syd

part of a series on Roots

About the speaker

Nathalie Rajic is a Digital Strategist & Founder of Her Way, a female empowerment platform built on the desire to inspire other women to pave their own way and follow their dreams.
Being brought up in Malmö, Nathalie always had a broad cultural outlook on life. Despite this, she never felt at home or that she fit in. She was always told that she carried too big of dreams in her suitcase, and felt the lack of female game-changers and mentors made her feel further disconnected from realizing her personal vision in her hometown. This fueled the momentum behind Her Way and the will to inspire other women to take a chance at their dreams.
For her talk, Nathalie will take us trough her personal life experiences by sharing what it means to go back to your roots, to find your place in life and what happens when you dare to go your own way.

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“Courageous, creative work begins below the ground.”
Join us for our first event of 2020 happening this Friday at Danscentrum Syd in Malmö as we explore the topic of Roots. This theme will get us off to a grounded start for the rest of the year as we learn to explore our own roots so that we may find inspiration towards our own creative and professional pursuits.
A big thank you to our hosts at Danscentrum Syd for welcoming us into their space. Danscentrum is a nonprofit organization showcasing diverse and creative performances. If you have yet to check out the space and all the amazing events they produce, this is your chance to learn more about their role in dance culture for this city!