Audience Takes the Stage 2019

December 13, 8:30am - 10:00am PST. Hosted at Urban Hive

part of a series on Silence

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JILL WESTON has always been an introvert. From the age of 14, she was a horse trainer who worked with the horses that no one else would take. This meant sitting in silence with them for hours, even days to gain their trust. These days, she works in juvenile corrections and uses silence, not yelling or violence, to get through to resolve stressful situations. • RYAN NEWMAN is a father, student, dancer, actor, and community leader. He was always a shy kid but when he discovered dance, he realized he could express everything in his head without words through movement and body language. He found that what he thought was a flaw could actually be his strength. • NATACHI MEZ is a spoken word poet. As someone who used to get severe stage fright, standing in front of a silent audience, she was able to reframe silence from being scary to being reverent. She will perform an interactive poem written just for our audience.