Astrid Swan

Hosted at Design Museum

part of a series on Anxiety

About the speaker

Confessions of an Anxious Memoirist

Astrid Swan is a songwriter and a performer, who is currently writing a PhD on mommyblogs and a memoir.

She is passionate about writing, creativity, feminist theories and expression as a means of investigating issues such as death, motherhood, fragility, affects, digital futures and style as a tool of survival and pleasure. Swan has spoken publicly about her life as a metastatic breast cancer thriver both on her blog and in interviews.

She has released 6 albums in Finland and other countries, her latest album From the Bed and Beyond is currently nominated for an Emma award in the Critics’ Choice category. Swan is also a founding member of One Quart Magazine, a blogger and a radio show host.

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Photo: Mikko Rasila

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We open the doors at 8.30 and the talk will start at 9.00.