Ask Me Anything: Everything You Want to Know About Writing in 18 Seconds

July 16, 10:00am - 11:00am EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Our “Everything You Need to Know About Writing in 18 Seconds” FieldTrip with author Jan Sokoloff Harness was a hit – but we ran out of time for questions!

In this session, Jan will quickly review Everything You Need to Know; share a few different props and stories; then answer your questions.

For example: “What’s the cure for writer’s block?” “How can you make a boring topic interesting?” “How do you WFH for 20 years and avoid the refrigerator?” “Why is it good to keep a printed, old-fashioned dictionary by your side?” “What is the secret to success?” (We’ve already revealed the secret to baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookies – unsalted butter.)

What if you’re not a writer? We’ll answer that question right now. We’re all writers! Emails, text messages, social media posts. And we can all write, and communicate, better. Sign up today! Then, come prepared to laugh and learn.

About your Host
Jan Sokoloff Harness is the author of “Look Up: Your Unexpected Guide to Good” and the founder of Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC, the international agency she launched in 2002. Jan is a popular speaker, award-winning writer, and former talk show host – her career has run the gamut from radio news director to agency creative director. Best of all, her adult daughters still like her.