Aniekan Udofia speaks on his path to becoming an artist and muralist.

Nigerian-born Aniekan Udofia is a world-class muralist based out of DC, but started off as an eager artist scheduling interviews from pay phones, traveling to New York City after a day flipping burgers to pitch his work to agencies. His story is one of hard work and perseverance.

Daniel Wolfe wrote up a recap of Aniekan Udofia’s talk over on the global blog. Check it out here.

About the speaker

The 36-year old Udofia achieved local notoriety for his towering murals of Duke Ellington, Fredrick Douglas and George Washington as well as his solo and group live paintings at Washington events sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Heineken, Honda, Current TV, Timberland and Adidas. He garnered national attention with his caricatures and photorealistic illustrations for urban publications XXL, Vibe, Rime, Elemental, DC Pulse, Frank 151 and The Source. He further entrenched himself within the visual vernacular of the hip-hop landscape with designs for urban athletic wear companies And 1 and the D.C.-based Native Tongue.

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