Showing the world our true identity, is a continuous, daily choice to show up as real and honest, owning our voice and occupying space; the cost of this level of authenticity can be high.

We believe our identity is the persona we present to the outside world. The word “persona” means “outward or social personality”. A word coined by Carl Jung, to mean “theatrical masks worn by actors”. I never considered myself an actress, but I am a good one! I lived my life playing a role that allowed me to fit in, to be accepted. This role protected me from rejection and the fear of not being enough. Then one day the show was over… I discovered, “I cannot speak my truth and at the same time be held hostage by what other people think.” I now had the best role ever, the role of being myself; a role that cost me everything…

About the speaker

Angel is originally from Liverpool, England, and has her Master’s in Engineering. Over the past 20 years she has worn many titles, including Programmer, Project Manager, Personal Trainer, Pastor, Speaker, Coach and most recently Instructional Designer!

Angel is also a Transformational Coach, with a certification as a Professional Life Coach and has recently started a business, Haecceity Quest, an organization committed to journeying with small businesses and individuals to provide coaching, training & branding that support growth and impact.

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