Children aren’t so unlike us, afterall.

From the tantrum-throwing child to the riot-throwing adult, Anette Rinner takes lessons learned through observing children and applies them to our own mannerisms, teaching us how to channel them productively and creatively.

About the speaker

Anette Rinner is designer with a strong focus on design research and experience design. She studied communication-design at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich, with further studies in the field of systemic organisational development and consulting. This gives her both the empathic insights from the design perspective and the systemic insights into social and business intricacies.

After years of work in industry leading companies in the mobility and IT sector she joined Whitespring, the agency for Service Design Thinking and Consulting. As Service Experience Analyst, her work includes design and facilitation of deep user research methodologies, synthesis and refinement of insights, as well as process development and -management.

In her talk “Designing Childrens Experiences” on the topic of Childhood, she will give us an inside into her psychology and neuroscience based research about the development of children. Further Anette will reveal how children can be valuable participants in design thinking processes.

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