Andreea Vrabie on ‘Inclusive'

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Andreea is the creator and host of Pe Bune podcast produced by DoR magazine. Pe Bune is a series of interviews with creative people from various fields – from photography and illustration to journalism and entrepreneurship – about how they got to do what they do and what are the anxieties, fears and internal struggles they deal with in their work.

After a three-year stint in advertising, Andreea decided in 2010 to move to London for a Masters programme about creative and cultural industries. In London she has worked for an innovation hub, for a magazine that focuses on the newest technological discoveries and for a trends consulting company while trying to figure out what she would like to do with her life. After moving back to Romania in 2013, she has organized for four years the first Romanian chapter of the CreativeMornings events in Bucharest and in 2016 she has joined the DoR team where she also occasionally writes.

For Andreea, Pe Bune is the result of almost 10 years of actively trying to find an answer to a complex question: How do creative minds work and what can I do to help creative people work better?

April 19th we’re going to hear her view on ‘Inclusive’. Join us!