Andandika Surasetja

February 2, 8:00am - 11:00am WIB. Hosted at Conclave TB Simatupang

part of a series on Anxiety

About the speaker

“With its emphasis on constant re-invention and staying ahead of trends, fashion industry is inherently fast-paced and relentless, making anxiety a common thing among the workers at all levels.”

Born and raised in Bandung, Andandika Surasetja studied Journalism and worked as feature editor and fashion stylist for NYLON and NYLONguys Indonesia magazine.

Andandika has also been involved in a number of national-scale commercial campaigns for fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle brands as a stylist and fashion director. Some clients from these roles are Aqua, Emina Cosmetics, Tijili Seminyak, Uniqlo Indonesia, Makarizo, and Senayan City. Creating MORAL was then the natural step forward for his love of sharing stories and ideas through fashion.

Andandika often finds inspiration from his very personal experiences and his ever-evolving curiosity of life.

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