Amalia Gaiță on ‘Courage’

March 30, 7:30am - 10:00am EEST. Hosted at AMBASADA

part of a series on Courage

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Amalia is a visual artist specialized in conceptual and fashion photography. She has graduated the School of Arts and Design at UVT, having a bachelor and master’s degree in both photography and video art. Troughout the years, her work has been published in magazines around the world and on bestseller book covers. Her photography has been exposed inside Romania and Europe. She loves working with people and finding the extraordinary in everyday life. Her style can be described as minimalist, being focused on light and form, rhythms and textures.

She’s been performing on stage for almost 20 years now, starting when she was just 5. By the time she was 18, she took part in national and international voice competitions and has been touring Europe, performing in France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

After being a part of various local bands, in 2015 she started working on her own project, writing songs for my first music album, Melting Sun. Her music style is an eclectic one, combining jazz, soul, funk and alternative rock, together with my band - Vlad Cotrus (guitar), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass), Adrian Schiopu (drums). Melting Sun is an independent product, released in december 2017.