In this talk, Alan discusses what trends have led to the rise of crowdfunding, and shares his learnings on what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign.

At the inaugural Sydney CreativeMornings in Australia, Alan Crabbe, co-founder of Poziblespoke on Crowdfunding | Redefining Possible. He explains why crowdfunding is taking off, discuss the value of it beyond just fundraising, and share some hot tips on how to use it to make amazing happen.

About the speaker

Alan Crabbe co-founded Australia’s largest crowdfunding platform, Pozible, with the vision to help creatives leverage crowdfunding and web-based technology as a tool for building an audience and raising funds. Since its launch in May 2010, 500 Australian projects have secured $2 million collectively through the site.

With success stories as diverse as independent news website NewMatilda, which raised a record breaking $175,838, and interactive storybook The Paper Fox, it’s not hard to argue that crowdfunding is redefining how people think about, fund, support and develop creative projects.

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