‘I put on those talks. I put on those workshops’ - Aimee Harrison

Everyone is really weird and nervous no matter how famous they are. Perfectionism hampers success and you can’t please everyone. So just go out and make those moments.

About the speaker

This month’s speaker Aimee Harrison AKA. Line Cut Supply link maker of beautiful, ethical, handmade workwear for women, and the force behind the #womenofsteel talks and workshops at Yorkshire Art Space link. Aimee recently held a residency there for 4 months as part of Sheffield City of Makers initiative. A beautiful and powerful project. Aimee’s background is in the digital world, working at AKQA in London and Portland with clients including sports giant Nike. It was in Portland that her love for making clothes really kicked in and joined the Pattern Making course at Portland Fashion Institute link. Aimee launched the independent label in Sheffield last year. It has emerged from the tailoring, making side of things rather than being a fashion line.

‘I launched Line Cut Supply In June 2016. I wanted to create a line of workwear made specifically for women, so I’ve been paying attention to form and function and making garments that flatter and work hard. I want to enable people to do the important things in their life, to feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

I come from a project management background and studied pattern cutting at the Portland Fashion Institute in Oregon, where I lived for 2 years.

I really like making clothes. I especially like making clothes that last. Everything is designed, patterned and produced in my studio in Sheffield.’

Aimee is focused on the recognition of strong women and the role of women in manufacturing today. With a legacy of strong and powerful women in Sheffield, she believes it is evident and as important today as ever. Line Cut Supply and #womenofsteel talks and workshop initiatives giving direct voice to this and becoming a powerful driving force behind the label.

Come along and hear Aimee’s story of digital to tailoring and all things Line Cut Supply. This month’s event is being hosted at Roco Creative Co-op link the soon to be new home of Line Cut Supply link. An incredible hub of a place founded by the kick ass Andrea Burns. Coffee supplied by Roco and sourced from their coffee supplier Christina Talens founder of Source Climate Change Coffee link. It’s all a bit incredible really. Join us and get inspired of a morning. See you there.

‘I just really liked making clothes and wanted to do that more.’ - Aimee Harrison AKA. Line Cut Supply

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