In a time when we live in uncertainty and digital tiredness, while longing for the face-to-face interactions with the communities we love and appreciate so much, we are more determined than ever to show how the power of being together can strive! ❤️ The CreativeMornings universe landed six years ago in Romania with our first local chapter: CreativeMornings Bucharest. Over the years the #CreativeMornings vibe has spread to CreativeMornings Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and CreativeMornings Iasi. As the 4 local hosts: Elvira Lupşa, Ștefania Robu, Andreea Negruti and Andreea Iager Tako, we have kept in touch and supported each other from a long distance and always wished we could do something together. Now, physical distancing has brought us closer together online. We have organised an online gathering that we feel can make a difference for our local communities but also to our greater community of resilient, creative minds. In this premiere event that reunites 4 cities, 4 micro-communities and 4 very different speakers we explored the global theme of Radical as a reality, as a thought, as way of being or of acting. What an incredible effort of coming together! Andreea Vrabie, one of the founders of CreativeMornings Bucharest, kindly accepted to be our master of ceremonies, weaving together the stories of our guests: Mihai Chirilov (CM Bucharest), Adela Fofiu (CM Cluj), George Pleșu (CM Iași) and Rudolf Gräf (CM Timișoara). 

About the speaker

I am a sociologist, SF aficionada, explorer of dystopias and utopias, cultural creative, and researcher in social sciences and sociolinguistics. I have extensive experience in academic teaching and research, in social innovation through radical acts of utopianism by design and of activism, and in scientific innovation in knowledge management through language analysis in artificial intelligence. I consider myself quite normative, when the norm comes from the giants of scholarship, and quite a rebel, when I move away from the center of norms and explore margins, points and surfaces of contact, intersections and liminalities.

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