Symmetry connotes predictability, lack of imagination, routine, boredom. How can creative, entrepreneurial people tap into the productive power of symmetry, while resisting its tendency to the mundane?

Like rules, patterns are made to be broken. Sometimes a pattern can become more remarkable, and more powerful, when we disrupt it. In real-life terms, we notice and value our work-life balance more when it’s out of whack and we have to focus our energy to restore or rejigger it. Many of us seek symmetry between our rational and creative sides. Running a profitable business usually requires a lot of level-headed decision making, while our creative efforts call for abandonment of form and constraint. Using symmetry as a guiding principle encourages us to apply our creative energy to build coherent business structures, while leavening our creative outbursts with an equal measure of cold calculation. In this way, symmetry promotes contrast and tension, while allowing us to apply ourselves in an integrated way across all our endeavors, rather than segregating our aptitudes, ambitions and efforts.

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Adam Ludwig is a partner and strategist at Radish Lab, an interactive design firm with offices in Berlin and Brooklyn. Radish works exclusively on social impact projects in the non-profit, education and cultural sectors. He is also a professional actor who has appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway and American television. He runs an acting school in Berlin called The Acting Muscle, where he teaches students how acting technique can empower them to achieve creative and professional goals.

With an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater, along with 15 years experience in startup management, Adam helps clients tell their stories with greater clarity and expression, enabling projects and initiatives to achieve fuller impact.

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It's a fairly common problem that we don't feel able to be fully ourselves in our careers or if we have creative ambitions it is always a challenge to fuse your creative ambitions and goals with some kind of a career. — Adam Ludwig

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