Current strategies of disruptive survival in tech paint a perilous picture. Amid uncertainty, fear and the risk of becoming obsolete, can they tell us how to live well too?

Facing death once, and facing it again to overcome a paralysing fear – that’s one way to approach survival. Creative tech consultant AC dives into the notion of survival in this talk, beginning with personal experience before defining our privileged view on the concept today. Our understanding of survival of the fittest in evolutionary theory (along with its paradoxes and misconceptions) is paralleled with the shifting use of the survival metaphor in creative entrepreneurship, from old-school optimisation to much-hyped disruption. Faced with the existential threats posed by a future driven by creative destruction, AC offers an unusual twist on the USP – as something we’d do well discover in humanity, and ourselves.

About the speaker

In sync with the emergence of a new Creative Tech culture, AC founded The Marketing Catalysts, a strategy-driven consultancy to boost the development of innovative and creative players working at the intersection of Film, VR/AR/MR, Animation, Design, Music/Sound and Digital Tech, with a focus on the specific challenges of entering new markets.

AC also works as a curator, speaker and presenter for conferences including Berlinale, Changing the Picture, CPH:DOX Cinema:Science, DOK Leipzig/Industry, Future Music Forum, re:publica, Tech Open Air or SXSW. The Tribeca Film Institute, medienboard/Made in NY Media Center Residency or PRIMI Pôle Transmedia Méditerranée also count AC as a mentor.

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