Abstract Art with Alcohol Inks!

May 6, 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT. Hosted at Tailor Made Shop

About this FieldTrip

Abstract fluid art is having a moment right now and one of the more popular mediums is alcohol inks! Alcohol inks are a pigmented, quick drying medium that are meant to be used on non-porous substrates. In this Field Trip, attendees will learn what surfaces and substrates you can use alcohol inks on and create 1-3 abstract alcohol ink pieces that they can take home! (Warning: this FieldTrip is NOT recommended for anyone who is sensitive to strong smells!)

The beauty of alcohol inks is that they’re very forgiving and they can be reworked over and over until you get something you are satisfied with! Even a newbie/beginner can create abstract alcohol ink pieces that they are proud of!

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