A Morning of (less) STRESS

August 28, 8:20am - 10:00am PDT. Hosted at Virtual - see event details

part of a series on Stress

Additional details

Join us for a morning of short performances and workshops designed to release stress and reconnect with your creative flow. No matter what your creative practice, each workshop is led by a talented and empathetic local creative and requires no experience to participate. All you need to bring is yourself.

The Agenda

    1. 1. Listen to Everett acoustic folk duo The Porters.
    1. 2. We are all burnt tf out right now. Give yourself a moment to reflect on what’s essential for your own self-care in order to be present in your own life. In a short meditation led by Jagger Blaec, we’ll slow the morning down and set an intention for reclaim our wellness and joy.
    1. 3. Write freely and bypass your inner-editor with Jenny Chu and Write Around Portland‘s model of generative timed free writes.
    1. 4. Loosen up those creative chops with Everett Improv founder Britney Barber.
    1. 5. Get your pen and paper ready to draw out what stress looks like to you with instructional designer Anne Parmeter.

How to join

This virtual event will be hosted on Zoom. If you’re comfortable, we encourage you to join with your camera on, and there may be opportunities for discussion.

You must register to receive the event link. You can register for the event on either CMPDX or CMEVT’s page!

We’ll open our digital doors at 8:20am and start right on time at 8:30am PDT so don’t be late!


To request an ASL/English interpreter or anything else that would make this event more accessible for you, please email pdx@creativemornings.com.