A LOCKDOWN BESTIARY: Imaginary beasts to play with while in isolation.

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About this FieldTrip

Maybe you didn’t know, but there were medieval books (yes, that’s the period of time where kings and queens and knights and kingdoms existed) called Bestiaries, or Books of Beasts. Those books were anything but scientific and they described and illustrated what unicorns, phoenixes, basilisks and centaurs (among others) are, how they look like, what do they do and eat, and how do they behave. Like some sort of Middle Ages wikipedia ;)

So, could this mean the creatures in the books were real? Maybe they existed at some point and later they mutated in the animals we know today, or perhaps they are hidden somewhere. And, if they weren’t real what made the Middle Ages people to create such detailed histories and drawings about them without having seen them?

In the spirit of those fun questions, we are going to create our very own “Lockdown Beast” using leaves, flowers, small twigs, colorful tree bark and seeds. If you are brave enough to work with them you can use some —already— dead insects too! Not only we will collage them and add colorful details with art supplies. Also, we are to creatively write its story and characteristics, and who knows, maybe it’ll become the first page our personal Book of Beasts.

This is a workshop designed for kids, and suits better children who are capable to understand simple instructions and are able to use scissors and glue by it’s own. Parents, family or tutors helping during this FieldTrip are encouraged to participate and create one too!

If you are an adult without children (I know right? Why can’t you have fun too?), you can totally join, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING to play, have fun, and appreciate the world surrounding you like when you were a child.

This FieldTrip is Bilingual, so we’re going to facilitate it in Spanish and English.

Please be sure to have everything ready! For this FieldTrip you’ll need:

  1. To take a moment to be present with the nature available at your home or neighborhood and carefully scavenge the most amazing, peculiar, weird or beautiful leaves, flowers and/or petals (dried or fresh), small twigs, colorful tree bark and seeds (Have you taken a look at the pantry? Peppercorns, star anise and cloves among other beauties might be hiding there!). If you are brave enough to work with them you can bring some —already— dead insects too!

  2. Anything you want or have at hand to use as “canvas” to create your beast: Your special notebook, a sheet of white paper, maybe some cardboard…

  3. Anything you have at hand to glue/attach your beast together: School glue, stick glue, staples, scotch tape, masking tape, or even needle and thread! (If you have more than one, bring them all, since not all of them work the same on different surfaces or materials)

  4. Scissors and/or cutter (you might need help from an adult here, but is ok)

  5. For the final details, you’ll need art supplies of your choice: color pencils, crayons, watercolors, gouache, markers… just make sure that whatever you choose works on the material you’ll use as your canvas.

  6. A table or any large surface to work on, and an apron or work clothes, because this might be a little messy!

About your Host
To my fellow kids: I can proudly say that I’m a large kid in the shape of a grownup who likes to play, read, and create imaginary worlds so much that I made of that my job. How cool is that?

And for the rest of the adults in the room: I’m a Mexican Graphic Designer turned Cultural Manager with several years as Marketing Manager in between. My professional skills are focused on branding, storytelling, creative project management and editorial design. My personal passions are gastronomy, children projects (such as illustration, object design and content creation), craft, and education in the arts and culture. Both spheres overlap and enrich each other, so for me, it’s impossible to consider them independent of each other. I am the creative force behind Impromptu Lūdēns Society, the branch of my company that designs, manages and produces experiences and anti-academic art and culture programs for kids.

I also host CreativeMornings/Guadalajara.

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